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Looking for a proven affordable Wellness Retreat and a natural detox cleanse?

affordable wellness retreat

The Hope to Heal Home Cleanse Program is the most affordable wellness retreat available.  With the Hope to Heal home cleanse book & DVD set we’ve created an affordable wellness retreat in a peaceful healing environment; your own home. With no traveling, this allows a busy person to fit a natural detox cleanse into their schedule with a step by step, 6 day detox cleanse.

The Hope to Heal Cleanse book and DVD are a complete step by step natural detox cleanse program available to do right now in your own home!  The Hope to Heal Cleanse Box arrives at your doorstep with everything you need for a successful natural detox cleanse! Extra education, daily routines and checklists are included.

The Hope to Heal 10 week on–line course will be available soon! The Hope Heal weekly course provides the opportunity to go deeper into the education of a natural detox cleanse program and how to create the lifestyle that is the cure.

Gather a few friends and have a group affordable Wellness Retreat, the Hope to Heal cleanse program will show you how to plan, prepare and participate!

Hope To Heal Affordable Wellness Retreat

The Hope to Heal book provides a complete grocery list and supplement list for this life changing natural detox cleanse. The education begins with how and why it works! Ready to transform your life and make your home an affordable wellness retreat? It is easy!

Windspirit Medicine and founder of the Hope to Heal Cleanse, Dr. Laurel Sander is available for on-line phone consultations and will help find the therapists and holistic doctors in your town to bring together a team of healers and treatments for your home affordable wellness retreat.

Windspirit Wellness Retreat is the most complete “Whole Body” affordable Wellness Retreat to travel to and experience first hand in America. See our treatment options and descriptions of each treatment to drool over.  

What treatments are most important and necessary for results? Is there a base price for an affordable wellness retreat at home? Treatments obviously will change the price and need to be considered. The synergistic effect of combining multiple treatments does provide deeper results.

The Hope to Heal book /DVD make learning  how to do your own juicing for a natural detox cleanse really easy to follow. What juicer is the most affordable?

Where do I purchase the produce list provided? Windspirit Medicine is here to help!

The Hope to Heal Cleanse is a 6-day proven natural detox cleanse program that addresses the root of most health issues.  Yes, many have tried shorter cleanse programs and ones with lots of pills and supplements, the Hope to Heal natural detox cleanse program offers success where other programs fail. Hands-on experience has taught me cutting corners misses the goal.  

A natural detox cleanse requires a process for bodily functions to excrete the buildup of debris and toxic accumulations in the blood , organs and tissues, this takes time and energy.  If I find out how to get results faster I will let you know but I’ve been helping people with effective whole body cleansing for over 35 years and wrote the Hope To Heal Home Cleanse book so that anyone, anywhere can safely and effectively complete a natural detox cleanse from the comfort of their own home and enjoy the many benefits!

Creating an affordable wellness retreat in your home is fun, inexpensive and actually teaches the healthy daily lifestyle to sustain great energy and continued vibrant health! Leap forward with Hope to Heal!

affordable natural detox cleanse