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All Inclusive Wellness Retreats:

You are looking for all inclusive wellness retreats! One where you show up and everything is taken care of for you, including someone to juice your fresh veggies, cook, clean & give you personal wellness treatments. Welcome to Windspirit Medicine where every Wellness retreat is all inclusive!  

Included is all Juicing, meals, lodging, treatments, supplements, yoga room, gym, sauna, to the soothing  sound of the creek from our Sacred Cottage. Once you are here you can rest, relax & destress for the next 6 days while recieving personalized treatments to cleanse and detox the whole body. You even get to enjoy freshly juiced produce grown organically in our greenhouse. Please click Wellness Retreats to learn more & see how you can personalize your all inclusive retreat. 

Windspirit All Inclusive Wellness Retreat:

In addition to being all inclusive, Windspirit Wellness Retreat strives for optimum results with an emphasis on affordability and value. The Week Retreat experience on the edge of the wilderness on sacred land, will forever live in your memory. Privacy and solitude at the Wellness Retreat allow the natural circadian rhythms to start the healing process.

Every retreat includes: 7 nights at the cottage, all the food for juicing, cooking and supplements for 6 days, plus 3 treatments; the parasite zapper, the qi machine with castor oil packs and the skin brushing/epsom salt bath, twice per day. So if you just want to come, relax, meditate, eat well and replenish, this Root Chakra Retreat is for you. If you want to add treatment options and further personalize your retreat, we have 7 all inclusive wellness retreat packages to pick from!

Do you want to add acupuncture, ionic foot/hand baths, reflexology, deep tissue massage, energy healing and more; simply click wellness retreats to see all of your options.

All Inclusive Wellness Retreat Accommodations:

The Sacred Cottage on the creek will rock your soul. This handcrafted Cottage combines comfort with function and is loaded with extras. Luxurious beds, pillows and linens create a cozy place for deep sleep. Added touches of fresh flowers, candles, incense, soft music, a wood stove, mountain views and wildlife, create the ambiance.

The large oval bathtub with a creek view is so inviting and the bathroom is also loaded with extras. The Epsom salt bath becomes a focal point in learning a healthy lifestyle; Epsom salts, essential oils, skin brushes, bath tools, fine soap and candles are presented to sink into the process twice a day. Non toxic hand soap, toothpaste and other lovely extras are provided for exposure to good products. The parasite zapper machine, the castor oil pack and Qi machine are also part of your all inclusive wellness retreat…wait there is more!

Want to go to school during your Retreat? The library is abundant with books and dvd’s of the latest science, state of the art medicine, the sages, the visionaries and self-help authors, plus many other fun subjects to explore.

The full kitchen at the Cottage is stocked with organic teas, honey and the finest products and supplements. Artesian pure water runs from the tap in both the Cottage and Clinic! We also use this healing water in all treatments.

The Yoga room on the creek has numerous yoga, tai chi, qi gong dvd’s and books, along with mats, blocks, stretch bands, rollers, balls, mini tramp and elliptical trainer making it easy to create a daily practice.

All Inclusive Wellness Retreat Treatments:

The Windspirit Clinic is in a home setting with no phones ringing. We offer over a dozen treatments in a cozy environment just a short walk from the Cottage. Windspirit’s wining secret is one on one care and privacy with only 2-4 people per week and we do not put strangers together. The juicing is fresh, organic produce only. Our on site greenhouse supplies the Retreats during harvests. The excellent team will nurture you through the week. Let us wait on you and let the teachings begin as we dive into the art of Listening and Touch.

I bring many modalities of medicine together and believe the patient has the answers, I’m called the Sherlock Holmes of Diagnosis, I love medicine and giving Hope to Heal! The team is educated and engaging, creating synergist energy for healing.

Create a mouth watering treatment package focusing on your personal health issues. The Hope to Heal Cleanse philosophy is a proven method for deep internal cleansing, combining ancient methods with modern science. Mind, Body and Spirit are embraced in the program. Windspirit has a state of the art pharmacy combining medical formulas (Dr. John Chen PhD Western Pharmacology & PhD Chinese Pharmacology). We offer a dozen different treatments and state of the art medical equipment to achieve the desired results. 

You Can Unplug, Unwind & Unravel.

Enjoy wi-fi and a land line with free long distance on our remote location. There is a tv for movies only. Cell phones do receive text and voice mail but the beauty of this remote location is that if forces us to unplug & enjoy.

Windspirit Medicine all inclusive retreats even provide continued education to keep the passion for health alive and well. Our week long wellness retreats will take you on a journey of cleansing, energizing and healing the body and the spirit.

The question is.. “Can you afford not to?” Go to Wellness Retreats to see our personalized, all inclusive retreat options & contact us with any questions. If you are looking for a complete home cleanse program be sure to check out our affordable wellness retreat package.

Here are the key issues to consider when looking at the detailed costs of a Wellness Retreat.

Location: In the wilderness or by the sea, look for a place where there is nature and wildlife, part of the Wellness Retreat investment is a healing vacation in a place that sings to your heart.

Program: What is the main focus of the Wellness Program? Cleanse, Yoga, Meditation, there are many wonderful variations. If healing is #1, What is the philosophy of the program. Our all inclusive wellness retreats are a  whole body cleanse which includes blood, organs, tissues, as well as the mind.

Doctor and Team: What is the medical focus of the program, How many modalities of medicine do they use? A strong team creates depth in the treatments, care and education.

Clinic:  What is the setting in the clinic/treatment area.  A clinical setting or a home setting changes the energy.

Care: How many team members per clients. Some programs take 70 people per week.

People: Price will fluctuate depending on how many people are in a room/unit/house

Accommodations:  The choices vary from cots in tents to cozy beds in luxury homes. Pick a comfortable bed if you are doing a serious cleanse and detox.

Bath:  The bathroom can be inside each home or a walk from your tent. A bathtub is a must in a healing program. Look for added features to the bathing program?

Kitchen: Is there a full Kitchen, mini Kitchen or group kitchen? What is included?

Food: Organic produce only or street food, there is a wide variety. To heal and cleanse organic produce is a staple. Local or home grown are the best.

Internet/Phone/Entertainment: Access to the internet available? Cell phone service or a land line? Are those available in the accommodations or do you have to walk to them.  Are there movies and educational dvd’s. Is there a library?

How many Days? The total # of nights effect the price. A Cleanse takes 6 days minimum. I have done 4 & 5 day Retreats and stopped because the greatest results are on the 5th -7th days. I do longer Retreats when requested

Comfort: Ambience goes a long way in the price as does sitting by a creek.  How about included comforts? Outside seating, wildlife, solitude and views?

Education Program: A big one for a great experience! Education is an investment for life .

What is included in the Education program?

Treatments: Ahhh the juicy treatments! Look for diversity in the combinations of treatment packages. Hydro-colonic therapy is a MUST is you are cleansing. Enemas and Colema boards are effective but lack superior results.

Yoga/Meditation/Tai Chi Program: Does the cost include a breath and movement program?  Private space or a group activity?

Water:  Lack of pure water can be the weak link for a any healing program.  No bottled water! The water source must be pure, abundant and accessible, for internal and external uses.

Pharmacy: A modern pharmacy is a cutting edge tool in healing. How many medicines are combined?

Supplements: What brands are used in the Wellness Retreat. Is there education provided to order these post cleanse at home?

Things to do: Is the location a place where you want to explore?

Continued Education: Does the Retreat provide on going education?