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Women’s Wellness Retreats

women's wellness retreatsSearching for a life changing Women’s Wellness Retreat? Here is a list of important considerations to manifest your dream Wellness Retreat.

Hot Topics:

Health Program.

Cleansing and Detoxification Retreats are finally getting mainstream attention in the pursuit of vibrant health. Look for a Women’s Wellness Retreat that combines the ancient art of cleansing and detox with modern science and state of the art treatments. Women are interested in healing the Whole Body. The patterns in the physical health time line will correlate with the emotional and mental layers.

Exercise program. There are many different types of Women’s Wellness Retreats; during a health/cleanse program the optimum results include a daily Yoga and meditation practice. Other Wellness Programs for Women focus on the adventure and outdoor experience. Nature walks; hiking, biking and riding horses are excellent additions to any retreat experience. Many can be found with the accent on winter sports. What is the location desired for Mountains or the Ocean, the Desert or the City?

Breath & Yoga program. An essential part of any Women’s Wellness Retreat is the practice of breath. Americans did not learn the importance of breath and meditation, as it was not a part of our culture. We are students on this path that is why it is called a yoga practice. We must practice this artful method of healing as apart of a new lifestyle. The Breath is the bridge between the right brain and the patterns of emotion holding the posture in the sub-conscious. The difference between stretching and yoga is the focus on the breath; the breath is the door into the release.

hope to heal cleanse bookEducation Program. Education instead of Medication works! Education is an integral part of any Women’s Retreat to teach a lifestyle for continued health. Is there a library of books and dvd’s available with a diversity in all areas of health for brain food? A good first step would be to add the Hope To Heal book to your personal library.

Menstruation Education

Moon Calendar. This ancient method is a wonderful tool to track the cycle and record symptoms to share with your Holistic Doctor. The person has the answers of what they feel and when, medical tests cannot reveal this important data.

Ovulation: This is another area of much needed education. I have found most of my patients do not realize when they are ovulating. Does the Women’s Wellness Retreat have an educational program about Menstruation and Ovulation?

PMS symptoms: I almost fell off the couch laughing when PMS was listed as a disease! Menstrual symptoms are curable health issues. Education instead of Medication! Look for an education program on the symptoms of PMS and the solutions.

Menses cycle: the duration of the menses cycle is commonly 4-7 days. The menses color, the consistency and number of days of the menstrual cycle are markers in the diagnosis as are bodily symptoms throughout the month.

Menopause: A really hot topic, no pun intended! Why are the symptoms so varied? Why do some women have an awful experience and some have a graceful entrance to becoming a crone. Oh did the word crone strike a cord! The word actually means the wise, kind grandmother or sage full of life’s wonder and wisdom, the storyteller with the young at her feet seeking guidance. Chose a Women’s Wellness Retreat that teaches the graceful experience of menopause into becoming the wise sage.

Hormones: another hot topic in any Women’s Wellness Retreat! What products do they recommend and sell. Look for education and solutions from Western, Eastern and Holistic approaches. Education about the cause of hormone imbalance is a must!

Cleanse and Detox: Looking for a Women’s Wellness Retreat with a deeper level of cleansing that concentrates on the cause of the disease and understanding thru education of how the person arrived at the health issue on their personal health time line. One of the great leaders of Cleansing is Bernard Jensen PhD; He teaches;  “ The Blood is only as clean as the Bowel, the Organs, Tissues and Brain are only as healthy as the Blood that feeds them”.  What treatments are available during the Retreat that will focus on cleansing and detox.  What is the program’s scientific foundation? Hydro-Colonics are a must treatment along with a proven Cleanse program provided by qualified Doctors and therapists with experience.

Nutrition: Excellent Nutrition is an integral part of any Women’s Wellness Retreats success! Juicing is essential as part of the daily nutritional program. Again; “Education instead of Medication” using Nutrition as a priority. There is no one diet for everyone; each person is an individual snowflake with specific requirements during the health time line.

Good Fat: The Science is out; your brain is insulated with 60% good fat! The cell membrane, the joint capsule and the hormones need good fat nutrition sources to thrive and rejuvenate.

Water & hydration techniques: The #1 cause of death and disease in our elderly is dehydration and takes a lifetime to turn the plump body into a dehydrated raisin. Does the Women’s Wellness Retreat include multiple water treatments? Hot springs or Hot Epsom salt baths daily is a necessary part of healing. Added Skin treatments like Herbal Wraps, Lymph drainage, steam and sauna are all excellent. The skin is the largest excretory Oregon in the human body and 30% of the bodyweight when hydrated.

Sleep: One WordUnderrated! The circadian rhythms of the body are related to the cycles of the daily and monthly rhythms of the planet.  The tides of the ocean are also affected by the moon’s cycles. A good detox program will rid the body of the heat rising in the night to the heart and brain and disturbing sleep. Bodywork , yoga and meditation are great tools for sleep improvement.

Personal Care products.  Education or bust on this topic which is a big concern for Women. Does the Women’s Wellness Retreat offer product to experience first hand?

Hair, nails, body lotions, makeup, toothpaste, mouth wash, face cream, the list is long, What is the consumer looking for in a healthy product?